Silver Falls Dermatology (SCE Award Winner!)

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The Silver Falls Dermatology project is one of Andy Medcalf Construction’s proudest accomplishments having won the Salem Contractors Exchange Craftsmanship Award.

Project Description

Title: Silver Falls Dermatology Main Clinic and Administrator’s Building

Location: Salem, Oregon

Square Footage: 20,000 square feet

General Description of Services Rendered

  • Negotiated Project
  • Budgeted Project to Final Construction Budget not to Exceed Contract
  • Bidder Design Systems
  • Supervision

General Description of Processes

  • Provide safety plan, and review with client for on site safety during construction
  • All major work performed after hours with active client operations undisturbed
  • Self performed demolition, carpentry, and concrete as needed to finished product

General Project Description

This project consisted of assisting the owner with everything from the acquisition of the building  and land to its final occupancy. It consists of 28 exam rooms, 6 procedure rooms, a laboratory, general offices, an elevator, an aesthetics room, a call center and much more.

Trade Involvement

  • Site Improvements
  • Shell Improvement
  • Interior Finishes
  • Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical
  • New Fire Suppression System
  • Seismic Upgrade
  • Custom Casework